Structures to Hold Nature in Her Place

My work addresses the meaning and concept of home and place through a blending of words and images. Our homes define us, offer safety and structure. But they can lead us away from the lure of wild places, and displace species.Worldwide events reveal the ephemeral nature of home. We must try to value the homes of creatures as much as we value our own homes. A broader vision of home may help us slow the human impact on the earth.


I encourage the viewer to question this impulse to build and to look at metaphors of home and opposing forces. Questions fascinate me: forming or transforming? chaos or structure? rigid or fluid? They seem to be opposites but are really part of a whole like yin and yang.




"Nature Laughs At Your Structures"




Some of my work holds the frog as hero in a narrative that the viewer creates. My box books become little houses to the image within. They shelter the interior mono-print until, unfolded it reveals a narrative.



The book boxes create a home and a space for the art they contain. The frog finds a home and can offer viewers an opportunity to create a narrative or story of change.

Many of the box books can be hung on a wall vertically or opened like a book.



These prints are drypoint on copper. Most are printed in an edition of 50. They were printed on the small press on the left.  Most retail for $180. each, but a set of 3 is available here for $300.-

Altered Books

"Noble House" -altered by folding, marking and text. Trees challenge the house.Time passes as pages turn.


Thanks for exploring my website. It is a work in progress.  Many of the works are for sale and some have been in recent exhibitions in Sarasota Florida. Please feel free to send me an email at  I would be happy to talk with you about my work.

Mixed Media Paintings

Images connected to home, place, nature, and transformation have been a part of my work for half a dozen years. Related images appear in many of my handmade books.



Part of the "Words Fill Up the Sky" series

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