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The works below are mixed media work involving relief prints, mono-prints, marbling and watercolor.  The two long vertical works are my recent reflections on the hubris of humans. The top one is titled "Crows Steal Bricks from the Tower of Babel"  and the one below is "Crows Mob the Tower of Babel". They were both created in 2020.  I am often puzzled by the human inclination to think that the creation of our buildings is more important than the need for other creatures to live and thrive.



Work from 2019-2020

Desert Hurricane

The climate continues to change and the beauty of the desert and the power of a hurricane may soon collide.

The Vulture Tree

Vultures are often met with repulsion. Yet they offer our environment a great service-avian recyclers of road-kill.

Falcon's Sky

The Peregrine Falcon once owned the sky.  They require high places to roost. Friendly cities like Boise Idaho offer the tops of tall buildings to help them flourish.

Falcon's Home

This paper sculpture seeks to capture the contrast of the force of the Peregrine Falcon and our need to build structures.

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