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A link to my 2019 residency:                                                     My ongoing interest in combining words and images has lead me to the purchase of an antique letterpress.  This allows me combine text with marbled paper, monoprints, relief and intaglio prints.


For a long time my work has been exploring ideas of home and place.  We come into this life with a longing for home. As babies our cord is cut and recollections of that space disolve into the physicality of our mother's arms. As our vision expands we grow to love the structures around us-dwellings of brick or mud or thatch. They offer physical and pscyological shelter.


My work reflects some of my many layers of response to issues around home. How do structures and creatures co-exist?  What happens when we have no home physical or psychological home?


I hope that my work inspires discussion.  Below is a link to a 2019 KBSU radio interview








Dark Water - 2015
Water Songs Below the City- 2015

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